cirque du vélos, French for Circus of Bicycles, is a Memphis, Tennessee based cycling club and amateur race team sponsored by Peddler Bike Shop.Formed in late 2007, CdV members share a common interest in riding competitively in local andregional organized rides and races.

Tim Rainey

Rick Bailey
Vice President/Secretary

Larry Fogarty

Curt Arthur
Ride Director

Jeff Barnes

Brian Campbell

Craig Croone

Drew Dawkins

Robert Dennis

Frazer Gieselmann

Francis Ginski

James Gilliland

Brad Harriman

Ricky Heros

David Jones

David LaVelle



John Murrah

Johnny Pitts

David Saunders

Andrew Schaeffer

Andrew Seamons

Matt Smeltzer

Clay Templeton

Loyd Templeton

Gary Thompson

Andy Wright

William Yonkowski

Note:  List of Members does not include those who have entered Alumni status.